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The Museum

The Museum in Łęczyca exists from 1949 and it’s the one and only this kind of place in our administrative district. Its seat is the XIV century defensive castle which was built during the reign of King Kazimierz Wielki in the south-east border of this mediaeval city. Monumental Gothic building, which was visited by polish Kings: Władysław Jagiełło and Kazimierz Jagiellończyk, was rebuilt in the Renaissance style (“a new house“) in the second half of XVI century by Jan Lutomirski – the diplomat, treasurer and votary of reformation in Poland during the reign of Zygmunt August. The XIX century Prussian “powder-magazine” is the remainder of Polish Republic decline.

The castle, which before 1939 was almost completly destroyed, was rebuilt between 1964-1975. Presently on the floor of the “powder-magazine” and in renovated in XVI century so-called “a new house” and in “nobleman’s tower” stationary and movable exhibitions are presented.
The Museum has in its collections over 12 thousand objects connected with the past of the city and region of Łęczyca (archaeology, history, ethnography, art and nature).

Among archaeology collections there are many exhibits from primaeval history of Łęczyca. We have to pay attention on excavated finds from nearby Łęczyca’s settlement (VI-XII century). 
In artistic of art section there are a valuable liturgical things (XI-XIII century) from Romanesque graves near Tum-Archcollegiate, the collection of pictures, furniture and weapons (from XVII to XX century).
In historical section the most important things are the trade guild documents, seals and flags, which show development and importance of craft in Łęczyca between XVIII and XX century. This section has many remembrances connected with the battle of Bzura in September 1939. Regularly the collection of old postcards from Łęczyca is completed.

The ethnography collections evidence creativeness of handicraftsmen, creators and artists from Łęczyca. We can see their blacksmith’s, potter’s, plaiting and weaving articles. This collection has got country costumes and traditional furnishing and old agricultural things, too. On the other hand we can see a big collection of contemporary folk sculptures, among them the biggest in Poland (more or less 400 exhibits) collection connected with devils and demons. In this collection the most important are the different personifications of the most popular devil in Łęczyca – Boruta, who in accordance to legend lives in this castle.

Numismatic collection has over 2500 XIV century coins so-called “ozorkowian treasure”.
Our museum shows stationary, movable and temporary exhibitions here and in another museums all around the country. It is engaged in scientific research and publication of books, it realizes object lessons, meetings with pupils from all types of schools.
We also set up lots of concerts, theatrical plays in the rooms and in the open air. We co-operate with lots of educational institutions and associations at home and abroad. From 1999 our museum still realizes projects with the Museum “Alte Burg” in Penzlin, Germany.

Partnerzy Muzeum w Łęczycy

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